About Us

Greenland is a school devoted to quality education achieving Excellency, nobility and lays the foundations of one’s career It was established in 1993 AD with high exceptions having intellec­tual interaction between distinguished scholars and other eminent personalities.

Education is a harmonizing, civilizing and a socializing influence. There is a desperate need to understand the past, cherish the traditions and uphold the moral, ethical and spiritual values, be­sides developing one ‘s intelligence and skills. So our mission has a single aim: to provide our stu­dents with the education, skill, confidence and at­titude they need to become successes in the world

What is needed is integrated development of one ‘s overall personality The main aim of Greenland, in simple term, is to draw out all the faculties of the students on every side of their na­ture; to develop their intellectual and moral power to strengthen them physically emotionally mentally and spiritually that may turn out at the end of his academic career, a successful, pious and a patri­otic citizen, who respects himself and those around him.

School is a temple of trinity, where the par­ents wish for sound and healthy educational environment, the students toil for enlightenment and the principal along with his dedicated teaching staffs sacrifice their life for excellence and innovation.

Selecting Greenland as the venue of for­mal education proves the serious concern you nur­ture for the future of your kids. Remember, your initiative is the only Pre requisite. It indicates your determination to reach the summit of success with dedication, courage, integrity and honor Rest of the ingredients to help you with the integrated personality, intellectuality accompanied by moral and physical development, will be provided by us in Greenland.

Thakin Kumar Gurung